Finger Puppets - Polar Animals
Finger Puppets - Polar Animals

Finger Puppets - Polar Animals

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Finger puppets are a great way of encouraging imaginative play amongst the young ones. Use them to tell a story or sing a song; they help bring out heaps of creativity. Bring these little friends for a show and tell, to a restaurant or on a long flight (we’ve been told by several mamas that these are their long-flight favorites – super lightweight and so easy to carry!).

Let’s go and chill with our Polar friends in their snowy environs! We think that they are very brave to survive in such harsh climate, but boy, do they have some fun or what?! Let our polar bear teach you how to swim and catch its favorite grub – the seals. Perhaps your bubs can write a script for a brand-new Hollywood movie featuring our adorable, waddling penguins (after all, penguins have headlined several movies already)! Wouldn’t it be lovely to frolic with our polar bear, walrus, seal and penguin in the white snow, and count them among your friends?

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