Animal Heads

Children love animals! They’re among their first friends, some perhaps in their imagination and some in reality. Right from the time they’re born, they’re introduced to animals in some way or the other. Animals feature on their little rompers, blankets, towels, swaddles, and many other things. We as parents set up adorable animal-themed mobiles on their cots, install animal-themed wallpapers in their nurseries and add some elements of cute animal décor in their rooms. We entertain them with meows and bow bows and moos and oink oinks! Animals are among their first toys and so it is hardly surprising that all kids love animals!

Keeping in mind the fascination our little bubs have with animals, we have designed an adorable collection of wall décor featuring glorious animal heads. Our collection of friendly faces is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms or any other space really. Elmer the elephant, Ollie the longneck giraffe, Princess Pippa the swan and Flammy the flamingo will be your little one’s best friends! You can buy our range of animal heads online and let your bubs rumble in the jungle with them.