The Nepal earthquake in 2015 saw the world come together to help its people stand back on their feet. With help pouring in from all directions, we decided to do our bit. And just like that, All Things Felt was born.

Various kinds of handicraft are a reflection of the different ethnicities and cultures wrapped in it. Production of handicraft is an age-old practice in Nepal. Handicraft — both textile (such as pashmina, hemp, silk, felt) and non-textile (including silver, handmade paper, wood and ceramics) — is an important source of foreign exchange for this otherwise poor country. Each handicraft weaves with itself a beautiful story – one in which the artisan is taught to make by one of their own with utmost care and love.

Nepal is a largely patriarchal society in which women are disadvantaged. Traditionally, women from poor families do not have access to formal education, and are often marginalised and vulnerable. All Things Felt fulfils a dual objective – it empowers women artisans in Nepal through the preservation of traditional handicraft skills and culture, and it does so by providing them with a sustainable source of income. These women artisans work in small groups of friends and families and can opt to work from home as well. This is a great option for most women, as it provides them with the flexibility to work from home and take care of their children, and at the same time earn an income.

Nepal’s idyllic beauty – snow-capped mountains, flowing rivers and streams, pagoda-style temples, intricately terraced paddy fields and market courtyards – is both simply captivating, and timeless. Bringing the splendour of Nepalese hillsides to your homes, we hope to touch more lives with the magic of our products.

At All Things Felt, we combine traditional craft and skills with modern aesthetics to bring you products which we hope you’ll love! Here, you will find gorgeous home and kids’ décor products.

We bring all that you need for decking up your little one’s room! We’ve got whimsical name wreaths for their doors – yes, we know you want to impress right from the start! When it comes to the walls, we offer gorgeous name buntings and charming wall hangings. For the floors, we have the softest, most colorful felt ball rugs! Go on, accessorize their beds, cots and shelves with our versatile felt ball garlands and nursery mobiles. Browse our beautiful range of products and we’re sure decorating your kids’ room is going to be much fun! Oh, and while you’re browsing all the gorgeous décor, you will also stumble upon our range of felt play items to inspire imaginative play. We’ve been told by some mamas that our finger puppets are their favorite travel companions!