Trivets and Coaster Sets

Functionality and Design

Trivets and coasters are those perfect examples of homeware that mix functionality with design. They look like decorative pieces when not in use, and protect table tops and other surfaces when used. Let’s be honest, we are always hoping that no one spills any wine or that a hot cup of coffee doesn’t leave any heat-marks on our coffee or dining tables. Our gorgeous collection of felt ball trivets and coasters will ensure that your tables aren’t damaged by stains and spills, while adding an extra element of design to your home.

Many Designs To Choose From

We have a beautiful collection of felt ball coaster sets and pot holders in an array of colors. These are handmade with a whole lot of love, where individual felt balls are sewn together to create a beautiful piece of homeware. You can match the trivets with coasters to create a beautiful set for your next tea afternoon or just use the trivet under a pretty vase of flowers. Secret tip – we love using our pot holders underneath a jar of candle. From monochromes to super colorful ones, and from dreamy pastels to playful and vibrant hues, we are sure our coaster sets will be perfect for any interior style.

Makes For Thoughtful Gifts

There is something special about receiving a perfectly packed beautiful piece of décor with a note describing its origin. Our gorgeous trivet and coaster sets will make for very thoughtful presents for house-warmings, birthdays or even when you just want to let your loved ones know what they mean to you.