Baby Mobiles and Nursery Wall Hangings

Setting Up A Baby’s Nursery

One of the first things a new parent-to-be wants to buy is the baby’s cot. It is no secret that these little humans spend most of their time sleeping in the first few weeks of their lives. It therefore comes as no surprise that all parents want to create a safe haven for their little bubs, where they can sleep and rest comfortably. A safe and secure crib is one of the most important elements of your baby’s nursery. Once you’ve decided on the cot, comes the fun part of selecting a crib mobile for your bubba’s nursery.

Benefits Of A Cot Mobile

Nursery cot mobiles are much more than just decorative pieces. A well-designed baby mobile is visually stimulating, helps in motor skill development and promotes hand-eye coordination. At All Things Felt, we have a beautiful collection of handmade nursery mobiles and nursery wall hangings. Here you will find adorable animal-themed mobiles and charming wall hangings with stars, clouds and hearts. Chirpy animals are the show stoppers of several of our products as we truly believe that children share a special friendship (in the real and their dream world) with animals. Our animal cot mobiles will keep the little bubbas entertained for a long time as they see the colorful animals turn. They can also be hung above change tables to keep your little ones entertained.

Beautiful Nursery Wall Hangings

Our dreamy nursery hangings will bring the stars to your little one’s room. Whether you hang them on the wall, or the door, by the bed or the study, wall hangings are sure to shine on and become your child’s favorite room accessory! These beautiful hangings come with a strong thread hook and can be easily hung.