Caring for your felt ball rug is easy. Remember to shake and vacuum your rug on a regular basis to keep it dirt- and dust-free. We suggest you use the suction spout of the cleaner instead of the brush as the bristles of the brush may damage the felt. You may see fine particles of dust under the rug, but this is merely the soap silt from the felting process that will go away once the rug has been in use for a while.

Try and keep your felt ball rug dry, but we know accidents can happen! Should you spill something on your rug, you can just use a cloth and dab quickly until the liquid is absorbed. You can use a piece of cloth that is moistened (very slightly) in soapy water to dab the stain. Continue to dab and very gently rub the stain with the dry cloth and moistened cloth till it is minimized or gone.

Please engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner to clean your rug once in a year or two depending on the traffic on your rug. A trusted professional cleaner will be able to handle the rug with the care it needs.

Treat your rug with love and care and we assure you it will last you a lifetime!