Felt Ball Rugs

Why are rugs important?

A rug is that defining piece of home décor which effortlessly transforms the entire space it is sitting in. It adds warmth, character, color, texture and cohesively anchors the decorative elements of an area. Rugs can decrease the noise in your space, they are way more comfortable compared to the hardwood or tiled floors in most of our homes, and most importantly, they can truly define a space. With so many different materials, colors, and sizes to choose from, our colorful felt ball rugs definitely emerge as true heroes in any living space!

What are felt ball rugs?

Did you see a gorgeous colorful rug in a magazine or at a friend’s home that almost looked like it has been made of many little candies? Chances are that is most likely a felt ball rug. Our rugs are handmade in Nepal with a whole lot of love! Pure New Zealand wool is used to make the felt balls, of which hundreds are used to make a single rug. The felt balls are stitched together to create exclusive rugs that you will not find anywhere else. Our rugs are approximately 2.2cm thick and feel soft under the feet and are perfect for your home!

Favorite kids’ and children’s rugs?

We’d have to say that our felt ball rugs are the most loved kids’ rugs. Our rugs will beautifully complement any theme you may have for your bub’s room. With the option to customize them in so many different colors, we can make so many different kinds – a bright and colorful one, or a soft pastel one, one with a nautical color scheme, or perhaps a woodland one? You can buy our felt ball carpet and pair it with a teepee to make a gorgeous play-corner or a book shelf for a cute little reading corner – our rugs are definitely the best children’s rug you could want! Our felt ball mats are made with pure wool and with a little love and care they will last you a lifetime!