Elmer - The Elephant

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Meet Elmer, our super friendly and intelligent elly! He loves eating bananas, which he peels on his own! But what he loves even more, is to swim, play and bathe in rivers. He knows he’s the best in the business (or jungle!) when it comes to spraying water on everyone with their trunks! Do you know he even conducts lessons?!

Elmer is emotional and squeaks and trumpets when he is happy (which is almost always)! Bring Elmer together with his other friends from the jungle to accessorize a nursery, a little (or not so little) one’s room, or any other space. Watch your little ones squeal with joy when they see Elmer and his friends in their room!

Tip: Elmer comes with a felt loop stitched at the back and can be easily hung on a wall, using a 3M hook.


32cm Tall; 15cm Deep; 30cm Wide

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